About Alex Hartan

Hello there! I'm Alex, and I do design.
I have great passion for beauty & usability and I try to put that into all my work.

My name is Alex Hartan, and I am currently a freelancer designer based in wonderful Innsbruck, Austria. Born and raised in Craiova, Romania, I have graduated the Faculty of Computer Science and also the Ubisoft Gaming Center School.

Even from an early age I had a passion for design. In my early teens, I 'stole' a Corel CD from my father, installed it and then it all began. It ran slowly on my computer, I didn't know any of the commands yet, but it didn't matter, I was happy.

Since then, I have interacted with a variety of softwares and technologies, experimenting and later trying to better understand design. Over the last years I have been working with some amazing people from around the world on some exciting projects. With every one of them, I feel I have grown as a better designer, but I always feel like my journey has just begun.

Besides creating for the print and web, I have a growing passion for modelling/texturing. In 2009, I have won the Ubisoft Gaming Center Grand Prize with the game 'Space Mavericks', a 3D space shooter.

Whenever I am not doing stuff on my computer, I enjoy playing basketball, skiing, listening to music, or watching a good movie.

Feel free to browse through my work, or contact me if you have a project or just want to say 'Hello!'.